How old should I be for waxing?

Using Deluxe Waxing is suggested for ages beginning at 16 with a written parental consent.

How long should the hair growth be?

To achieve best results the hair should be 4-5 mm long.

What should I do or not do before and after waxing?

Do not use the sunbed, solarium or direct sunlight 24 hours before waxing.
After waxing avoid direct sun, sauna, solarium, deodorants containing alcohol, lotions or creams with chemical additions.

How long does a waxing treatment last?

Between 2-4 weeks and by regular waxing up to 6 weeks. With regular waxing the hair becomes finer, softer and does not grow so quickly. Which is why we suggest waxing during the winter months.

Is Sugaring more painful than waxing?

No, because the use of warm sugar paste and wax open the pores allowing easier removal.

Is waxing painful?

Of course a lot depends on which body part is being waxed and there are different pain thresh holders. Removing hair from the intimate body parts means some sensitivity but with regular removal, the sensitivity is minimalized.

When should waxing be avoided?

When you suffer from sunburn, fever, cramps, have any open wounds, acne, Psoriasis, neurodermitis, MCS. Please inform us if you have any allergies before your waxing treatment.

What’s the difference between “Entire Intimate”, Triangle and Stripe?

With “Entire Intimate” all hair in the gential area is removed. With Triangle is a triangle hair form left on the mound of Venus, with the Stripe there is only a Stripe of hair on the gental area left

Waxing and Pircing?

Waxing can be done when you have body piercing, however before the waxing treatment it is advisable to discuss the procedure before and the removal of the piercing is not necessary.

Waxing and Pregnancy?

From medical point of view, waxing is allowed after consultation with your doctor. However an advanced pregnancy is advised to wait until the termination of pregnancy because the procedure is delicate and sensitive. It is advised that you sign a consent from before the procedure before a waxing treatment during pregnancy.

Are there any body regions that are usually not waxed?

All body regions are possible, although we advise not to remove beards, as this procedure is painful.

When can I change or cancel my appointment?

We advise that all appointments be cancelled or changed 24 hours before in order to enable the appointments to be free to be taken by another client.

What reactions can appear after a waxing removal?

A week after your waxing removal, it is suggested that a mild, peeling when showering be used at least twice a week with a luffa-sponge, or peeling glove to enable the skin to regenerate and prevent the regrowth of body hair.

Waxing and Periods?

Yes, but please use a tampon.