The Deluxe Waxing Methods uses three different techniques:

According to the different skin types and body parts being done, the correct method is then used.

A light dusting of powder is used so that the wax or the “sugar” paste can hold. It is after this that one of the individual three waxing methods is used.

1. Brazillan Waxing with warm wax

Using a (Spatula) warm wax is spread over the designated body parts, then it is allowed to cool and is then pulled in the opposite hair growing direction. This method can be used on all body parts.

2. Roll-on method with warm wax

The method best used for back, bust, legs and arms is a roll-on method that spreads the wax in a striped formation.

3. Spatula + Sugar Paste

This method is used with a spatula and a sugar paste combination using the stripe formation. This method can be used for all body parts and for fine hair growth.

After a waxing procedure, the body is then cleaned with a special oil to enable to remove all faces of wax. After the cleaning process a mild gel is rubbed over the waxes areas to prevent irritation.

By the removal of hair there can be minimal, spotting in which case an antiseptic is used and afterwards a skin soothing gel applied.

All hair removal is done with hygienic gloves.

Only products used for sensitive skin are used.

Please inform us of any allergies you may have BEFORE any procedures are done.

We´ll be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Brazilian Waxing

History and Meaning

One of the most beloved forms of hair removal using warm wax was developed in the coastal regions of Brazil. With the popularity of Bikini´s, monokinis and microkinis in the 90´s there was a need for professional hair removal that reduced regrowth and left the skin smooth. This then became popular in the USA which spread through the use by film and music stars and developed into a body culture.

In Germany the standard titles for the diverse “styles” of intimate area hair removal are the ones given to them in American waxing Studios:

Removal Forms for Women

Brazilian / Hollywood Cut / Sphynx
The removal of all hair in intimate areas.
Landing Strip / Irokese
A small Strip of hair is left on the mound of Venus.
Brazilian Triangle
A triangle is left on the mound of Venus.
Bikinizone / Bikini Lines / Tanga
Only the hair on either side of Bikini or Tanga that show is removed.

Removal Forms for Men

Brazilian Hollywood Men
The complete removal of hair from the intimate body area.
Brazilian Man
Only a triangle or stripe remains in the intimate area after removal.

The Advantages of Wax Hair Removal

In contrast to regular shaving, waxing hair removal means, that the hair is removed with the hair root. This procedure means that regrowth is relatively slower and remains smooth longer. By regular removal every two-four weeks could with time be done up to six weeks.

Hair regrowth is thinner, softer and allows for easier removal.

Christian Albring, the president of the Bunds- Committee of Gynecologist, suggest Brazillan waxing as better alternative to shaving intimate areas with a razor.